Author & Holistic Coach | Sharing the steps I took that got me here, and what keeps me going, focusing on faith, food and family.

When people share their childhood memories I am reminded of how few I actually have. My husband has a memory of being in his crib, that’s impressive, especially considering he has had a few good hits to the head (mainly due to automobile accidents) over the years and even some…

If I could I would be barefoot all the time. I love to walk on warm sand and cool grass and would love a cobble stone shower floor one day.

Don’t get me wrong I really love shoes. Just the other day my daughter came into my closet and said…

Hi! I don’t know you and you may not know me but in reading my stories (fifty years of faith, food and family)which I’ll share here, I hope I can help you live life well in your own shoes.

Terry Louise

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