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Author & Holistic Coach | Sharing the steps I took that got me here, and what keeps me going, focusing on faith, food and family.

Have you ever bought shoes because they fit but when you wore them they were not comfortable, something didn’t feel right?

For twenty years my family walked on the religious mountain and there we served the less fortunate with food, clothing and necessary resources to get them to the next level and share the gospel message with them. In 2009 when we moved and made the switch to the arts and entertainment industry I needed to look for a new outlet to help the poor, displaced, the sick, widowed and orphaned. …

The other day I was on a plane ride home and in the aisle across from us this women was blessed to have the other two seats next to her be vacant. She stretched out to nap, which if I was capable of sleeping in public probably would have done the same thing. She wasn’t bothering anyone by doing so, but then she removed her shoes. As much as I love being barefoot that just felt somewhat wrong. Maybe she thought, hey everyone is wearing masks, why not??

There are however, moments that taking off your shoes are okay, even…

When people share their childhood memories I am reminded of how few I actually have. My husband has a memory of being in his crib, that’s impressive, especially considering he has had a few good hits to the head (mainly due to automobile accidents) over the years and even some amnesia. Or is it that he was in the crib way too long, ha?! I started realizing the few memories I do have seem to be connected to pictures my mom gave me. Could it be that the pictures have created a story in my head? …

If I could I would be barefoot all the time. I love to walk on warm sand and cool grass and would love a cobble stone shower floor one day.

Don’t get me wrong I really love shoes. Just the other day my daughter came into my closet and said, “you have a really nice shoe collection.” I said, “thank you I worked so hard to get it.” What did I mean by that? See when in high school, ‘84-’88, my shoe collection looked so differently then. I think I had every color baby doll flats and high top converse…

Hi! I don’t know you and you may not know me but in reading my stories (fifty years of faith, food and family)which I’ll share here, I hope I can help you live life well in your own shoes.

Terry Louise

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